Safety Engineer

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Safety Engineer

Safety is the major concern when it comes to contracting, so we only look for alert and active personalities with good remarks and better understanding.


-A certified Bachelors Degree from nationally Recognized institution

-Relevant work experience in the electrical field

-Certified 1-2 years safety course from recognized institute

-Prior on-site electrical experience would be beneficial


-Familiar with all the relevant health and safety regulations and have an excellent understanding of system and process safety and of safety and health program management

-Good knowledge of the components used in a any design, and component reliability in particular, to be able to address any safety risks that arise

-They must have a good understanding of psychology in order to assess and anticipate the human factor in potential health and safety issues related to product or process design


-The safety engineer will be linked with work sites and he will be responsible for carryout work under safe provision

-Making a safety plan of action before the begging of the job and executing the same plan with appropriate equipment would be his primary job

-As all contractors expect a safety in work, we provide safe zone till the last minute of the job

-The day to day job duties for a safety engineer vary based on where the individual is employed, and his or her particular job duties

-Safety engineers identify failure modes and make recommendations to add extra equipment to mitigate them

-The job duties may require the safety engineer to visit work sites, analyze data, complete reports and ensure that the company or agency is following safety and health policies that will not only affect the company and the consumer, but also the environment

-We give utmost importance to safety within workzone, so a safety engineer has a lot of responsibilties on his shoulder

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Turnkey Electrical Engineers Private Limited

Turnkey Electrical Engineers Private Limited established in the year 1992 is a growing electrical contracting organization involved in Electrical Implementation & Technical Facility Management (Operation & Maintenance), delivering quality work in commercial and industrial markets. With a dedicated team of professionals, we bring expertise, knowledge and practical know how to any electrical project regardless of size.

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